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Since 1963, Barton Memorial Hospital has served the healthcare needs of our community and continues to expand as those needs increase. Our staff is dedicated to providing quality health care for the entire family.


Barton Health commits to integrity, collaboration and excellence through the practice of our four Service Standards:

  • Safety
  • Respect
  • Image
  • Efficiency

Employee Benefits

In today’s world, benefits are an essential part of your employment experience. At Barton Health, we understand how important these benefits are to you and are pleased to provide the comfort and stability of a comprehensive benefits package to our eligible employees and their families.

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What our Employees are Saying

"While working in large institutions, I often found myself swimming in a sea of obscurity: the amount of unfamiliar faces and names was astounding. Being anonymous was the norm. But at Barton? Familiarity reigns. Here, you are visible. Within a short time of joining this family, you notice the intertwining relationships between varied departments. People know each other: they know their birthdays, their families and, most importantly, how to make each other laugh. And when crisis arrives for someone within the Barton family? Countless people – who used to be anonymous at one time themselves – step forward to lend their support. This act of knowing other humans to a degree that you miss them when they are gone – it is what life is all about. Which is why I love it here." - MS

"I have had the pleasure of working for Barton Hospital for going on 27 years. The community and our visitors are lucky to have a healthcare facility that has the greatest loving and caring staff wanting what is best for the patients. My coworkers are family to me and I could not imagine working anywhere else." - RF

"I share with everyone, how lucky we are to have Barton Hospital in our community. I totally enjoy my perfect job of making our patients & family feel comfortable & at ease, letting them know the protocol & assuring the families that we will keep them informed of the patient's progress." - NG

"I joined Barton in July of 2004 which has turned out to be an excellent choice. Barton consistently gives me what I need to be successful at what I do. My job is very rewarding and I enjoy coming to work every day. Barton is a great place to work." - PF

"I started out at Barton as a night time Housekeeper, I now work in the ICU department as a Monitor Technician and part-time in the EKG department as an ECG Technician. I have been at Barton for 6 years, in those 6 years I've held 5 different job titles and have learned a lot. There are many opportunities to take advantage of when working for Barton. I can always say that it has been one of the best places I have ever worked at, Its not just a job its an opportunity." - AD

"I have been part of the Barton Family since 1997 as a Surgical Nurse. It is truly a dream job. We live in beautiful South Lake Tahoe where outdoor activities are endless, year round. It is a close knit community where everyone is treated like family, patients and co workers alike. The level of care is truly exceptional for a rural hospital and treatments are state of the art. Management is supportive and promotes advancement. I cannot imagine a better life than what we have here." - DM

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